Source Reduction Options for Business

Ues this checklist to help your business reduce waste disposal costs, improve efficiency in material management and take part in Indiana's source reduction program.  Our goal is to cut waste 35 percent by 1996 and 50 percent by 2001.

Don't purchase a product.

Reduce use of a product.

Purchase a non-toxic or less-toxic substitute.

Purchase environmentally preferred products.

Purchase "light-wight" or reduced products.

purchase concentraded product.

Purchase in bulk or larger sizes.

Buy multiple-use products.

Purchase fewer models or don't upgrade/replace.

Purchase long-lived products.

Maintain properly/repair instead of replace.

Purchase reusable product, reuse product, dontate to charity or sell second-hand.

Purchase more efficient product.

Use product more efficiently.

Purchase preferred complementary products.

Purchase remanufactured product.

Lease products.

SOURCE:  Getting at the Source:  Stratigies for Reducing Municipal Solid Waste, World Wildlife Fund & the Conservation Foundation, Washington, DC, 1991