Weigh costs and benefits worksheet

Present Disposal Costs Monthly Annual
Garbage Bills ($)      
Confidential destruction costs    
Equipment costs (trash cans, compator, etc.)    
Labor (janitorial)1    
Revenue from any current recycling program - -
Total Disposal Costs    
Source Reduction Implementaion Costs Monthly Annual
Disposal costs adjusted downward to reflect reduced service2    
Coordinator's Time    
Adjustments to janitorial or collection labor (up or down)    
Any equipment (one time costs)    
Installation (one time costs)    
Total Costs    
Present disposal costs  
Source reduction implementation costs  
Net Savings (Costs)  

1Assign only a percentage of your janitorial costs since janitors provide other services besides waste removal.

2Estimate how much your source reduction program will reduce your waste stream, then call your disposal company to find the cost of less frequesnt service or smaller bins.

CREDITS:  This worksheet was adapted from the "Justification Worksheet" designed by George Luker of National Semi-Condutor, Santa Clara, CA

SOURCE:  "Your Office Paper Recycling Guide," written by Jane Grossman for the San Francisco Recycling Program, a division of the Solid Waste Management Program, San Francisco, CA 94102, 415-554-6193