Items Accepted

1. Any non-hazardous trash with an ORANGE Perry County trash bag sticker.

2. Newspaper (ONP)

Anything that comes with the paper is okay
Papers must be dry and clean

3. Magazines and Catalogs

4. Cardboard (OCC)

Boxes must be broken down
No waxed boxes
Staples can remain
Brown kraft envelopes

5. Office waste paper

Colored office paper
Typing paper
Photocopy paper (Xerographic)
Scratch paper (Post-It™ Notes)
Tabulating cards
Index cards
Computer printout paper

Not Acceptable

Carbon paper
Brown kraft envelopes (place in Cardboard bin)
Film photographs
Scotch™ tape or glue
Metal objects, spiral binders, fasteners
File folders
Junk cups, lunch bags, wax paper, smoking materials, paper towels, and tissues

6. Glass containers

(Label okay) Well rinsed
Sort by color: clear, brown & green
No metal caps, lids, stones or dirt
No ceramics, window glass or drinking glass

7. Bi-metal and tinplated steel food cans

(Label okay) Well rinsed

8. Aluminum cans.

9. #2 Plastic (HDPE Clear)

Milk Jugs
Remove lid, rinse and flatten

10. #2 Plastic (HDPE Colored)

Laundry detergent, bleach bottles, fabric softener, orange juices, etc.
No Anti-freeze jugs
No oil bottles

Remove lid, rinse and flatten

11 #1 Plastic (PETE)

Remove lid, rinse and flatten

12. Used Household batteries

13. Electronic Items:

Anything with a circuit board

Also Accepted

Mercury Items

Plastic Film Bags: Department Store, Grocery, etc. (NO TRASH BAGS), Look on bag for recycling arrows, the #2 and HDPE.

Household Hazardous Waste:  Paints, Thinners, Insecticides, Poisons, Cleaning products, Pool and Household chemicals.  Delivered to Cannelton site only.