Items Accepted at Derby Drop Off


1. Newspaper (ONP)

Anything that comes with the paper is okay
Papers must be dry and clean

2. Magazines and Catalogs

3. Cardboard (OCC)

Boxes must be broken down
No waxed boxes
Staples can remain
Brown kraft envelopes

4. Bi-metal and tinplated steel food cans

(Label okay) Well rinsed

5. All Plastic #1-7

        Plastics of all colors marked with #1- #7 inside the triangle

        (remove caps; rinse if it contained something like detergent, toilet  cleaner, etc.; no need to sort by number)

       except plastic bottle pumps which contain a metal spring, or #2 grocery bags.

       No Styrofoam, or rigid plastics like playhouses, lawn chairs, etc. No antifreeze jugs or oil bottles.