Help Your School Discover Pollution Solutions

Environmental, science, and student government groups across the nation are doing green audits to see if they can help their schools be as kind to the planet as possible. The groups have found that it takes time and effort to make environmental changes, but it saves money and pollution in the end. Before you start your green audit, be sure to get permission -- you may even want to ask an adult to help you. There’s a worksheet to get you started:

What happens to the paper at our school when we are done with it?



What happens to the cardboard boxes and steel cans from the cafeteria?



How much paper does our school use? Ask how much paper the school buys each year for an estimate. Write down some ideas for using less paper in the first place.



Where do our grass clippings and leaves go?



How much recycled paper (a percentage) is in our handtowels? Toilet tissue? Copier paper?



Your local Solid Waste Management District can help you with your audit. They can research alternatives, help you find recycled products and give you information on where to recycle in your community. For the phone number of your Solid Waste District, call IDEM at the number listed below.

For More Information:

Going Green: A Kid’s Handbook to Saving the Planet by John Elkington, Julia Hailes, Douglas Hill, and Joel Makower.